Nuevo concurso de RTTY, «The 10 meter RTTY Contest»

Otra buena noticia para los amantes de los concursos en RTTY.

Muns Vineyard y tienen el placer de presentarnos el nuevo concurso de RTTY «The 10 meter RTTY Contest» que comenzara en su primera edicion el proximo dia 4 de Diciembre de 2011.

La pagina web del concurso es la siguiente:

En la pagina web del concurso existe un libro de visitas y un foro abierto para todo tipo de preguntas, comentarios y/o sugerencias. Los comentarios seran revisados por un moderador previamente para evitar el spam en la pagina.

Por el momento es el sponsor principal de las placas y diplomas del concurso, si estas interesado en patrocinar cualquiera de estos premios ponte en contacto con la direccion del concurso desde su pagina web. Tambien hay como premio una botella de vino Californiano de las bodegas Muns Vineyard para los diez primeros clasificados en la categoria de un operador.

Aqui os dejo las bases del concurso y os animo a participar en este nuevo evento.

Las podeis encontrar aqui:

1. Object: Amateurs worldwide contact and exchange QSO information with other amateurs using Baudot RTTY on the 10 meter band. Any station may work any other station.  The recommended baud rate is 45.45 baud with 170 Hz shift.

2. Date and Contest Period: Sunday of the first full weekend of December 0000-2400 UTC. (December 4, 2011).

3. Entry Categories:  100 watts output maximum.  Only one transmitted signal is permitted at any time.  May operate the entire 24 hours.  Spotting assistance is allowed, including Packetcluster and RTTY Skimmer.  Self spotting is not allowed.

3.1. Single Operator – All operating and logging functions are performed by one person (the operator).

3.2. Multioperator, Single Transmitter – Any number of people can share the operating activity.

4. Exchange:

4.1.United States: RST + State.

4.2.Canada: RST + Province.

4.3. DX: RST + Consecutive serial number, starting with 001.

5. Scoring:

5.1. QSO Points: Count one point for each completed QSO.

5.2. Multipliers: Each US state (except KH6 and KL7) plus the District of Columbia (DC), Canadian provinces/territories: NB (VE1, 9), NS (VE1), QC (VE2), ON (VE3), MB (VE4), SK (VE5), AB (VE6), BC (VE7), NWT (VE8), NF (VO1), LB (VO2), NU (VYØ), YT (VY1), PEI (VY2) and each DXCC country. KH6 and KL7 count only as separate DXCC entities.

5.2.1. The US andCanadado not count as DXCC entities.

6. Reporting:

6.1. All entries must be emailed by 2359 UTC , December 15.

6.2. Entries must be submitted by email to or use the web applet at

6.3. All logs must be submitted in Cabrillo file format.  The CONTEST tag in the Cabrillo header for this contest is 10-RTTY.  However, submitted Cabrillo file logs may use ARRL-RTTY and the log submittal robot will change it to 10-RTTY.  This means you should select ARRL RTTY Roundup in your contest program.  Optionally, you may use a text editor to change the CONTEST: 10-RTTY line or let the robot do it.  The Cabrillo file must meet the Cabrillo 2 or Cabrillo 3 ARRL RTTY Roundup template specification.

7.  Awards:

7.1 Certificates will be awarded to the top Single Operator and Multioperator scorer in each multiplier area (State/District of Columbia, Canadian Province/Territory and each DXCC entity) provided the entrant’s log contains 100 or more valid QSOs and there are at least 3 or more entries from that area.

7.2 Plaques sponsored by will be awarded to the top Single Operator and top Multioperator scorers overall.  Plaque sponsorship ($70) is available for any other category the donor chooses.  If you are interested in sponsoring a plaque, contact the plaque manager.

7.3 Special Awards sponsored by Muns Vineyard:  Each overall top ten single operator will receive a bottle of Muns Vineyard fine California wine.

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